Mystique Petal Necklace - Sterling Silver - Pearl Jewelry

Mystique Petal Necklace - Sterling Silver

  • $55.00

The Mystique Petal Sterling Silver Necklace drops from a 18" Chain and includes one Nicoga Basic Pearl Drop Charm added on to a pearl from Nicoga Pearls.

The Mystique Petal Necklace uses interchangeable Nicoga Pearl Drop Charms to create a unique Pearl wardrobe. Additional Charms may be purchased separately.

The Mystique let's you change or add additional Pearl Charms to your necklace to match your outfit or mood!

One Nicoga Pearl Drop Charm and one Pearl or Oyster Opening are included with purchase.

Oyster Openings are done Wednesday & Sunday at “Pearl Parties with Nicoga Pearls” on Facebook Live.