Our Story

Welcome to Nicoga Pearls! My sister, daughter and myself, started this company to bring the fun of Pearl Oyster Openings and Gemmies with natural gems inside to everyone on Facebook live.


Anyone who loves wearing pearls, gems and jewelry will enjoy our products. Our mission is to bring together quality settings and Chains to accentuate the beautiful and unique pearls and gems that are discovered in your genuine Oysters and Gemmies, PLUS, bring you handcrafted and custom jewelry and gifts items at a fair cost. We trust you will enjoy your jewels as much as we have enjoyed opening them and sharing their beauty with you.


The oysters we open have genuine pearls inside. They are different colors and range in size from 6mm to 8mm. It is possible to have 2-6 pearls found inside the same oyster - a lucky bonus for you!


Gemmies are Sand Bottles opened and poured out on a screen to discover your beautiful faceted gems. Two to Five gems are included in every Gemmie! See their description in the catalog to find out what jewels that can be found.


We carry genuine Sterling Silver products, Gold Filled settings and other metals to accessorize your pearls and gems. Every item is personally inspected before it is shipped. We are excited to be able to work to bring you the best possible pearl oysters and jewelry to wear.


Our shows are on Facebook Live at “PEARL PARTIES WITH NICOGA PEARLS”. Orders with oyster or gem openings will be opened on the next Live Show. Oysters and Gemmies that are purchased and opened are non-refundable.


Please Message us with your questions and we will respond promptly.


Nicoga Pearls thanks you for exploring our Shop!

Enjoy your Beautiful Jewelry!